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California Baptist University Rec Center

Riverside, California

The California Baptist University Recreation Center in Riverside, California is a superb example of the utilization of green architectural design, imaginatively efficient use of space combined with today’s innovative tilt-up methodologies and modern finishes. This stunning three level state-of-the-art recreational facility provides an integrated and diverse action-packed environment within a relatively small footprint of approximately 33,600 sf, with a two-story rock climbing wall and neatly utilizes the roof area for a soccer field surrounded by a 3-lane running track.

Hakanson Construction, Inc. of Brea, CA, acted as Subcontractor for Steven Walker Communities, Inc. The tilt-up portion of this project was the structural feature of the building. It consists of CMU walls, new tilt-up panels, and existing tilt-up panels retrofit to meet the special requirements of the new center. The foundation consists of caissons with pile caps connected with continuous grade beams on top to support the new panels and CMU walls.

The foundation under existing walls has been strengthened by underpinning existing footings with caissons, pile caps and connecting grade beams.

The roof provides structural integrity via reinforced concrete over metal deck, yet also provides dynamic usability.

There is an elevator-accessible soccer field surrounded by a 3-lane running track, all perched upon a 360 degree view.

The synthetic green turf helps cool the building and reduces the building’s carbon footprint. Special care was taken to ensure the roof could drain the rainwater and still have a usable soccer field and running track. The slab was poured to various elevations to accommodate two different flooring requirements.

First, for softer landings, we created a 5 inch recess to accept foam padding at the rock climbing wall. Second, we created a 2.5 inch recess for the hardwood floor on the 3 basketball / volleyball courts and the 3 racquetball courts. Of course the panel layout had to be coordinated with the slab elevation changes for casting of the panels.

The finishing expertise deftly delivers the various visual architectural impressions of warmness, where high-tech meets old world charm.